Plant some companion flowers

They’ll bring in pollinators as well as look pretty


There really is a place for flowers among your crops for a few reasons. Firstly, they look beautiful and make the whole area a much more attractive place to be, particularly if your plot is adjacent to your house. If you’re spending time sat among leeks and cabbages on a summer’s day, it makes sense to look at some pretty flowers too! As I’m growing a patio of potted veg again this year, I’m making sure I sow seed in the borders that will sit next to all my fruit and veg containers.

Secondly, plenty of the right flowers bring in pollinators galore, which are needed to set fruit on many of your crops such as strawberries, beans, courgettes, apples, raspberries and peas. If they’re attracted to your lovely selection of flowers, they’ll also visit your crops to pollinate them, making for bigger, better harvests.  

Thirdly, loads of flowers attract beneficial insect predators, like lacewings and ladybirds, which devour all the insects you don’t want near your crops, like aphids. It’s a lovely natural cycle, which ultimately means you get to grow more flowers so it’s a win-win! Here are four excellent companion flowers to sow now to bring in the minibeasts this year.