Grow fruit and veg on the patio

You can save space but reap the rewards of plentiful harvests


by Natalie Simister |
Published on

Not many of us these days have a lot of room for a thriving veg patch as well as beautiful flower borders. But if you’re really keen on growing a wide range of produce without taking up too much ground space, you can always get growing on the patio.

The amount of veg you can harvest from containers is amazing, and in many cases it’s better for the plants to be grown this way – good quality, crumbly soil with a long root run and all the right watering and feeding is far better sometimes than the hazards of the open ground. There are lots of specific kits out there right now with grow bags, compost mixes and all the vegetable material you need to make it easy for you to make yourself a mini potted allotment, but you can also do it yourself with old potato grow bags and large pots.

As long as you emulate the conditions the plants need in the open ground, and are mindful that containers need more watering and feeding than ground-grown plants, then it’s an easy, fun job for a summer of tasty food!

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