Deal with fungal infections

Be vigilant so you can sort out any attacks quickly and efficiently.


While there are a couple of fungicides available to the home gardener on ornamental plants – Scotts Fungus Clear or Bayer Fungus Fighter – there are no chemical controls available at all that deal with edibles. Therefore manual methods of control and vigilance are needed, particularly now when lots of edible plants are coming to fruition.

The reliance on chemical controls by us home gardeners is constantly reducing, which is a good thing for the environment and for our wildlife, so we need to be well versed in how to deal with fungal attacks without resorting to sprays. Good garden cultivation means prevention is better than cure, so create the best environment possible for your plants at the outset and they’ll be set up to grow into sturdy plants that will resist disease attack as best they can. Water and feed correctly, use the right composts and soil improvers and keep your working stations hygienic at all times – these simple steps will prevent many a fungus from holding court. However, weather variations can act as catalysts and breeding grounds for all sorts of things that we can’t help. Winds, dry or humid weather are to blame for many pests and diseases, not necessarily you!

Below are a few fungal infections to combat now; you can always try growing more resistant varieties in future, too, to lessen the chance of infections.