Prepare lawns for rain!

Yes, we will get some again, so make sure your grass is ready for it.

Summer lawn care - step 1.jpg

A well-maintained lawn helps to set off the planting in beds and borders and provides an open space of cool green! However, this summer with the prolonged period of hot dry weather lawns in gardens across the country have suffered, especially where the soil is free draining. Instead of a lush, green sward, many lawns have dried out and turned brown. Watering lawns to keep them green uses a great deal of water and it encourages shallow roots that are more prone to drought and cold conditions in winter. By not watering, the roots will grow deeper in search of water and although the grass may brown off a little, in the long term it will produce a stronger lawn. Fortunately, grass has great powers of recovery, and soon starts to green up after a few showers of rain.      

To help lawns recover after a drought there are several things that we can do to get the grass growing again. Weeds that continued to grow in the dry weather can be dealt with by hand weeding or by spot treating them with a selective lawn weed killer. A light scarify and spiking will also remove dead material and allow rain to soak in and finally, when the soil is moist and the grass is starting to green up, you can give it a feed.