Plant up citrus in pots

Add zesty fruit and colour to your late summer garden.


Citrus fruit is easier to grow than you think, and brings a slice of sunnier climes to your patio on a balmy summer evening. The scent of the fruit, leaves and flowers is more than enough to tempt you to grow them in a pot!

Well-established plants are available now from online garden centres or down your local nursery, and can be planted up as a late addition to your summer pot collection in shelter and bright sunshine. Plant using a special citrus compost such as those made by Levington or Westland, or use a John Innes no.2 improved with grit. Use an ericaceous version if you have hard water. Pop your pot outdoors until around late September, when you can keep it as a lovely feature in a conservatory or greenhouse at a minimum of 10C through winter, though calamondins need a little higher. Hardy oranges and certain lemons and limes can tolerate a lot lower temperatures, but newly planted they’ll appreciate a bit of protection until they mature further.

Water well and feed during the summer, and then use a balanced feed and water less through winter. As for pruning, they simply need a reshape in spring before going outside to enjoy the summer again!