Label your plants well

They'll help you to remember varieties and can look good, too.

Labels - step 3.jpg

Labelling plants is probably something we all intend to do, but don’t always get around to! In most cases it’s not a problem, but the more plants you grow the harder it is to recall their names. Having plants labelled certainly helps and it also means that when friends ask, if you can’t remember the plant name, you can refer to the label as an aid memoir.

Even in the fruit and vegetable patch it’s good practice to label plants, especially if you’re growing new varieties. This way you can compare their performance with other types and it helps you to increase your plant knowledge. For most vegetable crops, labels are temporary and for just a single season, but on perennial vegetables such as asparagus, or on fruit trees and bushes, a permanent label is needed to identify the variety. There are many ways that you can label plants from simply writing on small white plastic labels with a waterproof pen or pencil. You can also buy label printing machines or ready-made decorative labels in several designs. The type of label will depend on the style of your garden and the look that you want to create. Several companies sell a range of different labels, or you can easily make your own from off cuts of wood or recycled materials.