Take care of roses

Attention now will ensure a second display of blooms

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Roses may need a little more attention than some ornamental plants, but the blooms they repay us with make it all worthwhile. Your roses will be producing their first flush of blooms by now, and will require some TLC so that they thrive for the rest of the season.

Repeat flowerers, which produce a further display of blooms throughout summer, need encouraging to display their second blooms by feeding now with a boosting fertiliser such as David Austin rose food. This will have lots of potash and magnesium, among other things, which are fantastic for improving flower size and colour.

Follow this with good watering to activate the feed and then add a cooling mulch to the roots to retain moisture.

Patio roses growing in pots and tubs should also be fed regularly as they’ll be putting all their energy into flowering through the summer. It may be easier to use a liquid tomato feed, high in potash, which will get straight to the roots. Deadhead your roses regularly (except for beautiful hip-forming species such as Rosa rugosa) to encourage a better display.

Consider disbudding Hybrid Tea roses to encourage larger blooms – this means removing extra flower buds forming alongside the main flower, so energy is focussed on this star bloom.