Prepare your garden for winter

A few simple measures now will keep your items safe.

Prepare for winter - Main pic.jpg

As we get towards the end of November it signals a change from autumn into winter. This year we’ve had a good autumn with plenty of sunshine and fairly mild temperatures, but this can all change once we get into December, when temperatures start to drop. Before the weather turns, it’s important that we put away or protect things in the garden that could be damaged by the weather.

If we do get a big freeze it’s important that outside taps are made safe. Ideally, they should be turned off at the stop-cock and turned back on when needed. Taps and exposed pipes should also be lagged to prevent them from freezing with several layers of bubble polythene or by using foam pipe insulators and tap covers.  Hose pipes can be stored in a shed and especially the plastic sprayer attachments which are prone to cracking in frosty weather.

Garden furniture not being used over winter can be covered over with a waterproof sheet or brought under cover to keep it dry. This prevents green moulds developing and prolongs its life. And finally, batten down the hatches! Make sure doors on sheds and garden stores are fastened to. A simple bolt or padlock keeps them secure, and stops them from blowing open on windy nights, damaging the door and hinges.