Choose new plants for autumn interest

It’s a perfect time to inject some seasonal colour.

Choose plants for autumn colour - step 2 - Cotoneaster.jpg

Autumn is upon us now, and although many plants have come to the end of their growing season, there are still plenty of plants that look good at this time of the year; in fact, many plants are just coming into their prime. Autumn is also a great time to plant so if your garden is lacking colour and interest through the autumn months, now is the perfect time to put that right. The main advantage of planting now is that the roots have time to establish before winter while the soil is moist and warm. This means that in spring the plants will grow away much better and because they’ve put down their roots, they’ll be more drought tolerant, should we get another dry summer.

If you are looking for ideas of autumn plants, a visit to local parks and gardens will give you some ideas and of course at this time of the year garden centres have all their new autumn stock in.

Trees and shrubs that develop autumn foliage are the obvious choice, but don’t forget evergreens and variegated plants that will look good all year round. Plants with berries and autumn fruits also add colour and provide food for birds. And, of course there’s a good selection of autumn-flowering plants, including hesperantha and nerines that continue to bloom into November