Clear the way for emerging bulbs

Have a little tidy up now to help plants come through

Jan 2.jpg

It’s so exciting when the new year festivities are over and we gardeners turn our attention to the seasons to come, thinking about what flowers will emerge for us and some of the other plant treats in store.

Next to think about is the fantastic slew of little early bulbs that will make an appearance really soon (if not already), such as winter aconites, crocuses and snowdrops.

These tough but dainty little beauties need room and light to grow, but often we’ll – quite naturally – have left a whole swamp of old foliage and fallen leaves around over autumn and winter. In the spirit of a new year tidy up and, of course, to consider the space needed by these bulbs, get ahead of your garden spring clean and clear some space for these new plants.

Old perennials and overhanging grasses will need removing at some point anyway, so start now; you’ll reduce the chance of too many pests and diseases being harboured, too. Leaving your tidy up any later in the season may mean trampling about in borders and damaging the bulb foliage that has come up, so try and do it before much of it emerges.