Make a table decoration

Craft a gorgeous centrepiece from rich pickings outdoors

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There’s so much colour and inspiration in the garden this season. Yes, at first glance from your warm home, looking out the window, it can appear drab, but there are so many coloured berries, bright branches, seed heads, conifer stems, holly sprigs, ivy and some flowers that should be noticed!

Well, why not bring a selection indoors to be shown off better as a festive decoration? Nothing will beat your own home-made – completely free – centrepieces.

Quite frankly anything will do – so head outdoors on a mission to find lovely little sprigs and branches here and there, small and preferably thornless, which you can fashion into colourful displays. Much as you pop outside for a cut flower bunch in summer, get out there and bring home armfuls of garden gems, like a seasonal celebration of your plot!

The only expense may be colour sprays – arm yourself with glitter and gold to crank up the festive factor! If you want to go all out, team your natural haul with some shop-bought baubles and slices of dried orange to brighten your bounty.

Make sure all your pickings are dry and free of pests before you work with them!