Give your houseplants winter TLC

A few simple steps will keep them stress-free and healthy


The even temperatures and indoor climate of spring and summer are great for houseplants. The environment they live in is consistent so they’re happy and able to cope with life in your house. But then autumn and winter arrives! We whack up the central heating and there are cold windows and drafts, and suddenly our plants find themselves having to cope with some unstable conditions. It’s really stressful for them.

But there are a few things we can do to prepare them for this environmental onslaught. Firstly, check if any pests are present that may have come in from the plants’ time outside, or if any mealybugs, aphids or scale have colonised them indoors. Pests will only diminish their vigour when they’re trying to adapt to new winter conditions. A product such as Bug Clear Ultra will help you control infestations.

Then make sure your plants are situated correctly, look healthy, aren’t overwatered and aren’t damaged in any way.