The best lawn mowers

Got a lawn but nothing to mow it with? Check out our list of favourite lawn mowers to help you decide which to choose

Woman mowing lawn with lawn mower

by Abby Nair |

Regardless of the size of your garden, if you have a lawn, a lawn mower is an essential tool to keep your garden looking its best. Ensuring you get a mower which is reliable, easy to use, and has the capability to do the cut you’re after is a top priority, especially when it’s a piece of equipment you will be using on a weekly basis, as expert advice suggests.

When looking for a lawn mower, you want one that doesn’t require you to continually go over the same patch of grass to get a decent cut, or that sprays clippings all over your lawn. And you want it to be easy to use - no one wants cutting the grass to feel like you’ve just done the hardest workout of your life.

We’ve had a look at the market to find the best lawn mowers that make cutting your grass quick and easy, whether you want electric, petrol or battery.

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