Best Strawberries For Bumper Crops

Best Strawberries For Bumper Crops

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Nothing says summertime quite like home-grown strawberries, the very taste of the English kitchen garden!

And the great thing is that strawberries are easy to grow in a range of soils and conditions - but if you want really great crops then try these varieties.

Be prepared for a LOT of strawberries!

The best strawberries for bumper crops



This British-bred mid-season strawberry produces reliable crops of bright red juicy fruit of sweet flavour. Long picking season. Excellent disease resistance.

Tip: Versatile variety that will tolerate a wide range of soil types.

From: Tel: 01255 830181



Later cropping variety producing conical matt-red berries of good, rounded flavour on upright plants. Excellent resistance to most diseases and also some resistance to vine weevil.

Tip: Ideal variety to use if growing organically.

From: Tel: 01255 830181



Good all-round mid-season variety producing large, glossy bright red berries of sweet flavour. Vigorous, but can be affected by verticillium wilt.

Tip: Excellent variety for lighter, drier soil conditions.

From: Tel: 01255 440410



Commercial variety producing reliable early crops of shiny orange-red fruit of large size that are of high quality and good for freezing. Disease resistant.

Tip: Can be grown in the greenhouse to produce earlier crops.

From: Tel: 01255 440410

‘Mara de Bois’

Mara de Bois

Perpetual variety producing a succession of sweet, aromatic deep red fruit similar to woodland strawberries, but of larger size and greater yield. Resistant to powdery mildew.

Tip: Ideal for growing in pots on the patio.

From: Tel: 01255 440410

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