Plant soft fruit bushes

Easy to grow in sunny spot, they don't need much room!

Soft Fruit

by Natalie Simister |
Published on

Soft fruit plants, such as currants and berries and the like, are some of the easiest edibles you can grow, and now's the time to buy and plant them. There’s nothing nicer and more rewarding than pottering about picking your own fresh, juicy fruit in summer and autumn, and it’s so worthwhile when you consider the cost of soft fruit in the supermarket!

Often people believe they don’t have enough room to grow lots of succulent soft fruit, and that it’s the preserve of the allotment holder. This simply isn’t true, as all you need is a patio (many soft fruit plants grow perfectly well in pots) or a border.

You needn’t even dedicate a whole border to soft fruit bushes, and many people simply weave plants in and out of ornamentals. The only criteria are good-quality multi-purpose compost or wellimproved, well-drained soil and a sunny spot.

Remember that blueberries need to be potted in ericaceous compost, unless you have acidic garden soil. If you really haven’t that much room to give over to a lot of fruit, choose dwarf varieties for smaller but still tasty yields.

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