With a little care you should get fruits for another month


by Natalie Simister |
Published on

Home-grown cucumbers picked fresh from the plant taste so much better than shop-bought fruits that have been kept in a fridge. To me, this chilling kills the taste and it’s only when you eat one fresh you realise what cucumber should taste like!

To keep greenhouse cucumbers growing and fruiting for several more weeks it’s important fruits are picked regularly to encourage more to develop. If left on the plant and allowed to become too large or ripen to a yellow colour, growth slows down. It’s also important to carry on watering to maintain moisture around the roots and to feed regularly with a liquid fertiliser.

A weekly feed is fine but if you can feed twice a week at half-strength to make sure roots have a constant supply of essential nutrients to encourage leaf and fruit growth. Keep plants warm by closing windows and doors at night to retain heat but remember to ventilate during the day.

Cucumbers are heavy, so tie in fruiting stems to take the weight and if the plants are making excessive growth, trim back some of the sideshoots. With a little extra care now, they should crop for at least another month.

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