How To Sow Vegetables For Best Crops

Gardener sow vegetable seeds in a raised bed

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Spring time means all-systems-go out on the veg plot, as the soil is warm and moist and at the perfect point at which crops will thrive if sown in it now. It is a great time of year, as you can throw off the shackles of caution, bypass the indoor module sowing, and get straight to growing in the soil.

There’s often some thought behind sowing outside now, instead of sowing many things under cover earlier on and transplanting outside. Tap-rooted veg such as carrots and radishes aren’t the best at being transplanted from modules, as root disturbance (as you might imagine) can affect healthy growth.

One exception is beetroot, which are happy to be sown indoors but like to grow in colder soil, so you may as well sow them straight. Otherwise, the hardier veg that don’t necessarily need balmy temperatures will be fine sown direct now, too.

Do keep an eye out as to what weather is being forecast, however, as howling winds and unexpected crisp frosts may mean you need to cover up your newly sown plants. Here are some of the tasty veg you can sow straight out into well-cultivated, well-improved soil now.

GN Recommends – four crops to sow directly now

1) Purple sprouting broccoli – Sow now for harvesting from next January. Sow in a sheltered spot and then when germinated thin to 30cm apart.

2) Radishes – Sow seed thinly and there’ll be no need for thinning. Can be harvested in a few weeks from sowing.

3) Beetroot – Improve the soil with Growmore and compost before sowing. Thin when around 2.5cm tall to one every 10cm.

4) Turnips – Try small, tender-tasting varieties such as ‘Golden Ball’ or ‘Tokyo Cross’. Thin to 15cm for smaller cropping.

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