How To Plant Tomatoes Outside

With care and correct feeding, tomatoes can be grown successfully outdoors

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Greenhouse-grown tomatoes are traditionally more prolific and are kept at a more warm, steady temperature, so therefore thrive better. However, if you have no room for indoor tomato plants, they’re perfectly suited to growing outside, too, in a nice, warm and sunny spot - so, don’t be put off by not having a greenhouse.

Be sure, though, that the frosts are over in your area before you plant tomatoes out as they won’t stand it, originating as they do from south and central America.

Plant individual plants out into at least a 23cm to 30cm pot, and use multipurpose compost. Ensure to use a liquid feed every week to 10 days and water consistently and evenly. You can get special tomato compost, however, which needs no extra feeding whatsoever for the season, and retains moisture really well, so a lot less watering is needed.

GN's Top tips for successful tomato growing

  1. Harden off plants before they go outside permanently. Put them out in sunlight and bring in at night up till June.
  1. Stake cordons well as they grow tall and gangly and will need sturdy canes to take the weight. Tie in with twine.

3, Pinch out sideshoots in the ‘armpits’ of the main stem and branches to prevent tangles and steer energy into fruit.

  1. In ordinary compost ensure you water consistently and evenly to prevent splitting and blossom end rot problems.
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