Grow Hanging Baskets of Fruit & Veg!

They need a little extra TLC but these dangling displays of crops are worth it

Grow Hanging Baskets of Fruit & Veg!

by Garden News |

Perhaps you’re running out of space on the patio for any more potted crops, or you’re looking for something unusual for your baskets this year. Well, a surprising number of crops work really well in hanging baskets. They’re such fun for growing crops in – dangling displays of tempting fruit and veg just outside the door are great for picking when you’re pottering about the garden on a summer’s day.

Choose as large a basket as possible, and the ones with holes in mean you can plant at the top and at the sides for a fuller look – and you get to harvest more crops too. There are lots of plants specially bred these days for cascading in a basket, but ordinary lettuce, cucumbers, peas and beans or beetroot all work just as well.

Make sure your baskets aren’t too exposed and don’t get too sun-scorched – or vice versa; ensure they don’t languish in a shady rain shadow either.

What’s vital is to feed and water your basket edibles frequently, particularly in dry spells – despite this, basket crops are worth all their diva demands! Below are some excellent examples of basket crops, all available to buy as plug plants now.

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