Salvias Keep On Producing Flowers

Salvias Keep On Producing Flowers

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Salvias - otherwise known as Balkan clary or woodland sage - have become very en vogue in recent years.

A slew of longer-flowering hybrids of compact habit and elegant form have become the signature plant of garden designers, catapulting them to public attention and showing how they can be used. And as a perennial they will come back year after year - as long given protection in winter if not a hardy variety.

Being part of the sage family, Lamiaceae, the clump of grey to sea-green foliage is strongly aromatic. In summer, spires of blue, blue-purple or white flowers appear from darker calyces proving a strong contrast. The flowers are also attractive to bees and butterflies, so ideal if you want to attract pollinating insects.

The Balkan clary is widespread throughout central Europe into western Asia, growing in well-drained soil in open, sparse grassland and other open spaces. Variable in the wild and easily crossed with other related species it is no wonder that new, improved forms are constantly being introduced.

Fact: Leaves of Salvia nemorosa have been used in Turkish medicine to stop bleeding by laying the leaves over the cut.

They need moist, but well-drained soil in sun, so are not good in heavy clay which is wet in winter or free-draining soils constantly prone to drought.

Overall they are easily grown and perform reliably flowering over the summer months. They can be cut back in autumn or the seed heads left on for decorative effect and cut down in late winter.

In wetter climates they can be nibbled by slugs and snails, which will need controlling before new spring growth is damaged.

Salvia varieties to make your border sing


Salvia Caradonna
Salvia Caradonna

Slender spires of rich blue flowers from June to October. H:0.5m (20in) S:0.45m (18in)

From: Tel:01344 578111


Salvia Caradonna
Salvia Amethyst ©Salvia Caradonna

Upright spires of purple-pink flowers throughout summer. H:0.6m (24in) S: 0.5m (20in)

From: Tel:01344 578111

‘Sensation White’

Salvia Amethyst
Salvia Sensation White ©Salvia Amethyst

Compact variety with bold flowers in pure white H:30cm (12in) S:45cm (18in)

From: Tel:01452 742445


Salvia Sensation White
Salvia Lubecca ©Salvia Sensation White

Rich blue flowers on a short, stocky plant H/S: 30cm (12in)

From: Tel: 01686 670342


Salvia Lubecca
Salvia Marcus ©Salvia Lubecca

Compact spires of purple blue blossoms over a long season. H/S:45cm (18in)

From::a[]{href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} Tel:0845 5271658


Salvia Marcus
Salvia Schwellenberg ©Salvia Marcus

Dense, branching heads of rose-purple flowers. H:0.6m (24in) S:45cm (18in).

From::a[]{href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} Tel:01344 578111

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