Repot Orchids

They appreciate fresh compost every few years

Repot Orchids

by Garden News |

Spring is an excellent time to get things in order, check over plants for signs of damage or stress and help them out for the coming season. Orchid houseplants can eventually outgrow their pots, the roots becoming congested inside, and will need repotting. However, regardless of whether they’ve outgrown their pot, you should repot your orchids every couple of years as you can then provide it with fresh compost – the airy, bark compost tends to naturally break down, becoming too congested for the roots, which like air and light getting to them.

Your orchid’s clear pot is clear for a reason – the stringy aerial roots, even when tucked away in there, will get the light to them, which is essential to them. It also helps you see inside, to check healthiness and to see whether it needs watering, so try and keep your clear pot if you can, or source new ones from a garden centre. Always leave alone the roots that are poking out into the air at the top of the pot of their own accord; don’t try to tuck them tidily away inside as they like to search for air and light.

Once you’ve repotted, water well but don’t let it sit in water. Going forward, a good tip is add a couple of ice cubes onto the surface of your orchid – keeping away from the foliage – every week for watering. They slowly melt, giving time for the roots to absorb the water without being swamped immediately.

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