Plant up spring in a pot

Create a display that will sing of the season!

Celebrate spring with a new display

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Why not indulge yourself a little in the burgeoning spring weather that’s been peeking through? This time of year is so tempting with new plants, new flowers and warmer days, and it’s a wonder we don’t all go mad and buy everything in sight to add a bit of colour to the garden! Take the opportunity, though, to visit your local nursery or good quality garden centre and invest in some spring beauties to display.

But instead of adding buckets of plants to gaps in borders right now, leave room for the plant pleasures of later seasons and create a little pocket of spring in a pot! If you’re going to squeeze in lots of plants, be sure to get a large enough pot to make the most impact, and so there’s enough room for them all to grow. Larger containers also reduce the need to water too often and keeps everything more moist, which is particularly good for primulas.

To keep it all well drained, make sure the pots have enough holes and drill more if necessary. Place a thin layer of gravel or stones to aid drainage in the compacted area at the bottom of the container. As for composts, a multi-purpose one will suffice for this display, but if you’re planting anything more permanent a John Innes No 3 mix is better.


Spring plants for pots

Cowslips1 of 4


Primula 'Little Queen'2 of 4

Primula 'Little Queen'

Narcissus 'Tete-a-tete'3 of 4

Narcissus 'Tete-a-tete'

Carex testacea4 of 4

Carex testacea

Perfect plants for your pots

Hybrid cowslips: Crosses between primroses and cowslips droop slightly with creamy blooms.

Laced primulas: Striking gold or white-edged, Victorian-style primroses with red or purple flowers.

Mini daff ‘Tête-à-tête’: Classic little daffs, perfect for pots. A sure sign of spring.

Ferns or sedges: Add a bit of structure and wispy greenery as a backdrop to all the bright flowers.

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