Plant Perennials For Late-Summer Colour

Pop a few in now to brighten up your borders.

Plant Perennials For Late-Summer Colour

by Garden News |

In late summer some gardens can start to look a little tired and ‘end of season’, especially after a period of hot, dry weather. Many summer-flowering perennials are starting to go over and borders can start to look short of colour and interest.

That doesn’t have to be the case though, and by introducing a selection of different plants into the border it’s very easy to extend the flowering season and keep the garden colourful and interesting right the way through until early autumn.

At this time of the year nurseries, garden centres and exhibitors at shows have a good selection of late summer-flowering plants that can be planted straight into the garden. These hardy perennials will add instant colour to the garden and by next year when they’ve bulked up they’ll create an even better display.

Although the main planting time for perennials is spring or autumn, it’s perfectly fine to plant in August, if you prepare the ground and keep the plants watered to help them establish. Fork over the area where you’re planting and mix in a little general fertiliser and garden compost to improve the soil. Water the plants in their pots before planting, and after they’re planted in the border, give them a good water to encourage root growth.

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