Plant Easy Ocra Tubers

Add to your root veg options with this easy-grow exotic

Plant Easy Ocra Tubers

by Garden News |

If you love cooking comforting potatoes and root vegetables, I can recommend adding oca (New Zealand yams) to your repertoire. And the good news is, you can get hold of tubers easily from most garden centres or mail order suppliers, and they’re super easy to grow.

It’s a south American native of the oxalis (wood sorrel) family, is an attractive plant in itself with lovely clover-like leaves, and the tasty tubers have a nice citrussy, sharp taste to start with. If left, tubers have a more mellow flavour. You can dig up plants and harvest them from late autumn.

You could plant them outside in pots now, but to be on the safe side with regard to frosts, start them off in pots indoors and then plant them out at the end of May. You can eat them raw but, as for cooking, you can roast them or mash them as you would potatoes, or use them instead of carrots or other root veg. A wonderful upside of growing these easy veg is not only their ornamental appeal, but they don’t get blight and slugs don’t seem to like them!

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