How To Grow Potatoes In Bags

How to grow potatoes in bags

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It’s so easy to grow potatoes in growbags – what a space saver! There’s still plenty of time to get seed potatoes growing in bags now, too, so give it a try.

Nevertheless, any you’ve got going already over the last couple of months need to have an eye kept on them – potatoes are notoriously hungry.

The best thing about growbag potatoes is the lack of blight, which can be devastating to crops, and the double whammy is to grow early potatoes in bags. Earlies often bypass blight completely, so if you’ve been affected before, there is a way around it!

If you planted your potatoes in bags in late February or March time, you’ll be seeing nice, healthy tufts of foliage now. You can top up over and around the plants with compost, which gives more room for tubers to grow, excludes light from reaching them, and also reduces the risk of late frosts attacking. Other than that a good feed and water every week or so keeps them healthy.

Step by step – Look after growing tubers

1) Feed

Hungry potatoes need a potassium-rich feed every fortnight – sprinkle a spoonful and mix in.

2) Water

Water thirsty potatoes well, particularly as there can be long spells of dry weather coming up.

3) Top up compost

Earthing up reduces the light that can get to, and spoil, growing potato tubers.

4) Sit in sun

Make sure your potato growing bag gets lots of warm sun to produce good yields.

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