Fill gaps with veg plug plants

Add interest to your plot and keep the crops coming, too

Veg plug plants

by Karen Murphy |
Published on

After a busy summer you’ll now be reaping the rewards of your harvest, but as your crops become spent gaps will emerge. If you've some of your own home-sown, growing veg ready to plant out, then set them out in gaps now.

You may have missed the boat sowing new crops over the past few weeks, but that’s where good garden centres and nurseries save the day. Many have a great selection of ready-grown veg plug plants available. My local centre has trays and trays of lettuce, chard, carrots, kale and other brassicas to plant, so I picked up a few to add to empty pots in my container garden.

Kale and chard can be just as beautiful in pots as blooms! Space out well, picturing the mature plant and how much room it’ll need. I’ve had to cover my carrot seedlings to protect them from pigeons – and my cats sitting on them! Veg plugs are a great way to extend cropping, keep up your garden interest and utilise spare space.

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