Care For Fuchsias This Autumn

Check to see if your plants need bringing inside


by Garden News |

All fuchsias, even the hardy ones, will benefit from a bit of care now to help them cope with the inevitable weather onslaught of the next few months. Even if lowering temperatures are no problem for some hardier species, it’s likely that the dreaded winter wet weather will affect them, so it’s best to act now as, before you know it, the seasonal change will be apparent.

It’s important to distinguish between the hardiness of your fuchsia varieties, as care is slightly different for all. Hardy fuchsias can obviously stay outside just fine over winter, albeit with a little help, while bedding fuchsias and other half-hardy varieties really need to come inside from the frost into a greenhouse. They’re usually just discarded and replaced every year, treated as annuals, but if you keep them away from the harsh weather, they’ll sail through and spring up again for you, much like pelargoniums.

Fuchsias ‘Riccartonii’, ‘Genii’ and ‘Hawkshead’, for example, are all hardy, but ‘Coralle’, ‘Marinka’ and ‘Thalia’ are all tender to frosts and can’t be left out.

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