Boost your borders with pollinator plants

Borage is a perfect pollinator

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There are few things as soothing as watching bees and butterflies as they busy themselves in the garden. But while they are relaxing to watch and listen to, they are also vital to the garden’s wellbeing and it’s important to get plenty of plants that they will love.

It’s helpful to them to plant in blocks of the same plant, so the pollinators don’t have to travel too far (this can also look really effective too). But, in a small bed, you can go for the biodiversity angle – adding a range of different plants to attract all sorts of beneficial insects.

Try different herbs such as angelica, borage and trailing rosemary for good effect amid some Verbena bonariensis, globe thistles and honesty. Round the bottom as low growers you could add aubretia for spring interest and a few sedums (and a few violas for prettiness at knee level). Most of these lovely flowers are easy to find in supermarkets or garden centres and are all relatively cheap too.

Just a small bed can hopefully act as a mini garden in itself, with multi-seasonal interest, plenty of flower food for bees, butterflies and hoverflies for starters, as well as hideyhole homes for them, in the winter.

What’s not to love?

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