Beautiful Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

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Generously overflowing hanging baskets can brighten anyone’s winter mood instantly, shaking off the remaining bits of grey, wet winter weather. They add another dimension to your garden, as a lively focal point, while also saving space. There are classic and contemporary, natural and brightly coloured displays, some of which you can plant up now, plus we’ve got a few suggestions for the coming spring and even some to give you inspiration for a summer hanging basket. If you’d like to make your own, we’ve gathered some practical ideas about what types of baskets and materials you could use, the best and easiest ways you can plant them up and how to look after them to ensure a long life and lots of enjoyment.

If you want a hanging basket to really stand out, try this rustic display with a mix of succulents. You’ve got a wide choice of colour and forms with shorter, upright plants such as sempervivum or echeveria, in shades of green and dark-purple, which can be placed in the middle or near the edges. Trailing succulents overflowing the basket look especially wonderful, such as Sedum morganianum, the burro’s tail cactus, with stems reaching 1-1.2 m (3-4 ft) or Senecio rowleyanus, with string-like stems and pea-shaped leaves. For the best effect, place trailing plants near the edge so they can hang freely and fit pansies in the remaining space. A wire basket is the best option for succulents, as they need good drainage. With some moss collected from your garden, you can hide the liner, giving your display a more natural look.

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