Sow easy flower fillers now

They’ll take just weeks to flower and bring summer colour


Gardening’s a satisfying hobby; seeing all your graft and painstaking sowing, planting and feeding pay off and a beautiful, thriving garden emerges.

Yet sometimes it’s just as satisfying to chuck a few seeds about and, with as little work as possible, your border gaps quickly fill up and froth with blooms all summer! If you’re in a hurry, have large spaces to fill, or you simply like the carefree natural look and a bit of effortless gardening, get hold of some seed now. Sometimes you just need a few easy garden jobs where Mother Nature can help you out by doing all the work!

Now we’re cruising along in spring and there are plenty of packets of seeds you can simply open now and sprinkle thinly among your other plants or sown as low-growers at the front of borders, which will take a matter of weeks to sprout and flower. They’re fantastic filler plants that you’ll be grateful to all summer for their colour and abundance.