Create a spring display on shelves

It’ll show off your prized plants better and you can change it regularly


A simple and easy way to display a selection of seasonal plants is to stand them on a shelf unit to create a plant theatre.

It’s a great way to brighten up a dull fence or wall and when plants are displayed this way you can see and appreciate them much better. Another advantage is you can change the display several times over the year by using different plants to provide a lovely feature 12 months of the year.

On the shelves in our garden I tend to use a selection of old terracotta pots and galvanised bowls and cans for a rustic look, but of course you can use anything that fits in with the style of your garden. I also have a few evergreen ferns and variegated ivies that live permanently on the shelves to add additional structure to the planting. I can then fill the gaps with whatever plants are looking good at the time.

For my spring show I’m using a selection of primulas, violas, saxifrage, sempervivum and aubrieta, but basically you can use anything that’s available in your garden or from garden centres, as long as it can be grown outside. If watered on a regular basis the plants will continue to flower, especially the violas that will carry on flowering for several more weeks.