Plant tender climbers

They’ll brighten up borders, walls and fences with vivid colour


As the planting season continues, it’s time to take into account plants you want to add for height and depth to your borders, fences or walls. Climbers are the perfect option, and grown well, will billow with foliage and flowers at head height and above with real impact.

There are two times a year it’s best to plant climbers – in autumn you can start off hardier types, and spring is a good time to get more tender ones settled. Decide on what you need where – close to a doorway or path you may want strong scent, or a covering of splendid foliage to cover an ugly wall, or simply a bounty of blooms to enjoy in high season. Why not try annual climbers – often perennials in their native countries, grown as annuals for the summer season here – or some tender perennials for a sheltered spot or the greenhouse. Tender climbers tend to be more exciting and exotic-looking, so scout around for some you may like.

You can start many off by seed now, including nasturtiums or morning glory. When planting, make sure you have enough support in the form of obelisks, trellis or a network of wires on walls secured by vine eyes. Site your plant slightly away from the wall or fence, in a hole twice the size of the pot it came in and half as deep again. Water well, feed and mulch.

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