Care for moth orchids

A little TLC’s all that’s needed to keep them blooming

Phalaenopsis - moth orchid.jpg

Moth orchids (phalaenopsis) are one of the most popular plants that we grow in our homes. As a result of their popularity lots of new hybrids have been introduced by large commercial growers and these have been selected for their flowering ability.

In good conditions moth orchids should flower for at least three months, but it’s not unusual for them to carry on flowering for much longer. To grow well they need a light position out of direct sunlight. An east or west facing windowsill is ideal, but they’ll also be fine in a north facing window. They also need warmth, but not too hot. Average room temperature is fine.

Correct watering is essential and sadly, more moth orchids are killed by over-watering than under watering! Watering once a week is all they need and always allow excess water to drain through the pot before placing the plant back in its decorative pot-holder. If the roots sit in water they very quickly rot and the plant will collapse. 

With just a little care it’s easy to get the plants back into flower. As the last of the flowers fade, cut back the flowering stem to a lower node,
carry on watering and feeding with orchid fertiliser and after a few months a new flower stem will develop.