Propagate agave

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Agave americana is an interesting plant and makes a great structural specimen on a patio or in a Mediterranean-style garden. It originates from Southern USA and Mexico where it forms a large rosette of fleshy leaves that have spines along their edges. As a desert plant with thick succulent leaves it can stand periods of dry weather and heat. When grown in the UK it’s ideal for growing in a large pot so that it can be brought undercover in winter to protect it from frost and wet winters. It prefers a gritty well-drained compost, although in the summer months when it’s actively growing it should be watered and fed regularly. There are several forms available including variegated forms with attractive marking on the leaves. The plants are perennial and can live for many years, but they can also be monocarpic and die after flowering.  Fortunately, they are easy to propagate from offsets that develop around the base of established plant. These can be removed to grow on to form several new plants, identical to the parent plant. Rooting the offsets not only creates new plants, it can make the main plant look better as a single specimen. Propagating now gives the young plants time to establish a strong root system so that they’ll over-winter.