Plant dahlias

Now’s the perfect time to get tubers in the ground for blooms all summer. Try our three favourite varieties:

Column_module_C1 (2).jpg

‘Gallery Rembrandt’
An outstanding decorative dahlia, owing to its tightly-packed, fuchsia pink double petals and yellowish centres. Compact height of 40cm (16in).

Column_module_C2 (2).jpg


‘Bishop of Llandaff’
One of the most sought-after old semi-double dahlias from the 1920s, with scarlet red flowers and bronze foliage. Height 1.1m (43in).

Column_module_C3 (2).jpg


A well-known vivid single dahlia with attractive, deep purple foliage and fiery red and yellow blooms. Height: 80cm (32in).