Put up a bird box

Help your feathered friends and they'll help you in return

Bird boxes - main pic.jpg

A healthy bird population in the garden is not only enjoyable to watch, they will help to control pests such as aphids and caterpillars and reduce the number of weed seeds.

As well as feeding the birds, providing nesting sites is a good way to attract them into the garden. Man-made bird boxes provide a safe and cosy place to nest or roost out of the harsh weather.

Ideally bird boxes need putting up in the winter to give the birds time find them and get used to them and there is still time to put some up now, ready for spring.

Bird boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but the birds don’t worry too much about their shape or colour. What is important is that you use boxes that are suitable for the type of birds you are trying to attract and there are many different types available to buy. Positioning of the box is also very important. Ideally it needs to be in a sheltered position out of direct sunlight, to prevent eggs and chicks from over-heating on sunny days. A north or east facing aspect is ideal. A perch on the box isn’t advised as this makes it easier for predators to get in and there should always be a clear flight path in and out of the box.