Take hibiscus cuttings

Spread the joy of this beauty in time for Christmas!

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Hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus) is one of those splendid beauties that looks for all the world exotic – just like its tender cousin see on holiday, H. rosa-sinensis – but is as happy in our British gardens as anything else. Forget roses and peonies, hibiscus is a real winner, covered in blooms in full sun from mid-summer to mid-autumn, and just minimal care will see it turn heads!

Deadhead blooms regularly, prune young plants well in spring to create the shape you want, and then established plants need only a simple trim in early spring to tidy and keep them healthy.

It’s only about now that this magnificent plant has stopped flowering, but perhaps you might want to pass on a little bit of its charm to others by taking cuttings, which will hopefully root in time for Christmas – what a superb present!

The key is to ensure the compost is lightly moist at all times, keep cuttings on a warmish windowsill and up the humidity, which is key to good rooting, by securing a clear polythene bag over the top and keeping it clear of the leaves.