Keep your garden clean

It pays to have a tidy and hygienic plot to ward off pests and diseases

Clear away dead foliage

Clear away dead foliage

After a long season, and now that you’re carrying out fewer jobs in the garden as we descend further into the colder months, you can take time out to make sure everything is spick and span. Hygiene is paramount, as many diseases and pests can be harboured on surfaces and soil really easily, so look at it as preparing for next year’s excellent displays and crops instead of being too much of a chore!

Be sure that you’re not transplanting any blight or club root-infected soil via tools or shoes, by giving them a thorough clean now.

Diseased plant material won’t do you any favours either, so clear up droopy, wet foliage, any stems and other plants that won’t last the winter and keep your planting airy and spaced.

Make the most of the last relatively warm days to give your greenhouse a good clean, too. Removing dirt and algae from the glass will let in more light and clearing up debris helps to control those pesky pests and diseases. Start early in the day so it has time to dry off before night time.

Clear out all your plants, trays and pots, then sweep or vacuum away old leaves and cobwebs. Using hot water and detergent, such as Jeyes Fluid or household cleaning products, wash down the structure and benches. Also clean the glazing inside and out and use a scraper to ease out any dirt trapped in corners or between the panes.