Plan a Perennial Patch Plant Once and Eat Forever!

Patch plant

by Garden News |

Veg plots are ticking along nicely now the flurry of early summer sowing and planting is over and the rewards of plentiful fruits, veg and salads are being enjoyed.

With the breathing space this brings it’s a good time to plan out a new border, perhaps for long-term plants. If you have a space that’s not currently in use, consider planting it up with perennials that will provide you with food year after year. Depending on whether the spot is sunny or shady, you can find perennial vegetable plants for most situations.

This permanent feature in your veg plot will be lower maintenance than an area that’s constantly being rotated with different crops. With perennial veg, you plant once and eat forever! It will simply need regular weeding, mulching and watering if the weather is very dry.

Buy pot-grown plants and thoroughly soak the roots before planting on a cool day. Water plants frequently through the rest of the summer. Globe artichokes, horseradish and asparagus are three of the best perennial vegetables to grow in a sunny position. If your site is shady, opt for shade-tolerating fruits such as rhubarb, gooseberry or alpine strawberry.

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