Check paths and patios

Give them a satisfying spruce-up ahead of spring

Cleaning the patio  is a good winter job

by Martin Fish |
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As we go into December, work in the garden starts to slow down a little, but there are always things that we can be getting on with.

One job on my list is cleaning up paths and the patio.

Over time paving of all types and gravel paths can get dirty and weedy, so now’s a good time to spruce them up.

On hard paving, such as slabs and block pavers, the first thing to do is give them a good sweep with a stiff brush to get rid of soil and the last of the wet autumn leaves.

If moss or weeds are growing through joints, they should be removed completely and any soil in the joints raked out.

It’s then a case of cleaning dirty or green paving with a power washer or by scrubbing on a path and patio cleaner, which really freshens up paving.

Once dry, if mortar is missing between paving, mix up some sand and cement and repoint the joints to give a smooth finish.

If you have gravel paths, then remove any weeds by hand and rake over the paths to remove the last of the leaves. If allowed to rot into the gravel, they provide the perfect growing conditions for more weeds in spring.


1. Remove any weeds or moss growing in joints between paving and bricks, then give the area a sweep.

2. Wash paving to remove dirt and green algae using a patio cleaner or a power washer.

3. If pointing is loose or missing, choose a dry day and repoint with a sand and cement mix.

4. If you have gravel paths, rake off leaves, otherwise they rot and form a base for weed growth.

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