Bed down your plot for winter

Bed down your plot for winter

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Your veg patch will be a shadow of its former self at this time of year, with plant remains, depleted soil, bare patches and tools and other dirty debris left over.

However, it’s an exciting time really, when you can plan, prepare and start again from scratch.

Gardening’s very therapeutic and being able to start afresh from any of this year’s weather or cultivation disasters is rewarding to the soul!

So, it’s time to get it all shipshape for another year, tidy and clean for when you want to start again.

On warmer, dry and non-frosty days you can get the fork out for a good dig over of the ground, turning over the soil and breaking up the hard clods.

If your soil’s too hard and frosty to work, you can simply add a thick layer of rotted manure or good garden compost over the top to slowly bed down in its own time.

Ensure cloches are handy and clean in case of really harsh winters – you’ll need to help some of your crops in situ and cloche over winter greens and young plants to get them through the worst of it.

Those areas you’re not using can be covered with a weed-suppressing membrane or some black plastic until spring, saving you dealing with any interim weeds.

Then have a look at some catalogues and enjoy ordering a few more seeds and plants, and look forward to a new season next year!


  1. Clear away spent crops and other plant debris, composting the healthy stuff. Weed over the whole allotment.
  1. Tidy and clean bean poles, propagators, spades, canes and other paraphernalia and store in a dry spot.
  1. Manure over bare patches with a hefty helping, digging it in to the surface lightly, or leave it to bed down itself.
  1. Prepare next year’s crop siting plan, deciding which ones need to be rotated, or any new ones to try and where.
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