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Strawberry Planter Tower

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If you’ve got an old strawberry tower planter hanging around unused, there are plenty of ways to put it to creative use – they make excellent, rustic planters for all sorts of plants.

These traditional pots have long been used as space-saving features, full of charm, which tidily fit eight or so plants in one place – most commonly strawberries. For variation on a theme you could try using alpine strawberries for a longer fruiting time.

However, my favourite way to use these pots is to plant each hole with some easy-going bedding such as petunias, calibrachoa and bidens – all of which I’ve used here – and the pot can take centre stage on your patio.

You’ll lose a bit of compost at the planting stage, due to all the extra holes, so a good tip is to put something down underneath to catch the excess and reduce wastage. Make sure you use tiny plants – it’s a lot easier to plant them and they can grow into their new home. Use a well-draining multipurpose compost mixed with grit or Perlite which can help water distribute through the planter better. Another top tip is to add a slim pipe drilled with holes into the centre of your planter – water into this and it will get more evenly distributed to each plant.

Strawberry Planter Tower

Here are some more perfect plants, other than traditional strawberries, for tower planting…


  1. Nasturtiums – Quick to germinate and grow, these easy plants look stunning, don’t require feeding or a lot of water.
  1. Herbs – Tuck in some thyme, rosemary, chives, sage or basil to create a whole herb garden in one container.
  1. Sempervivums – These succulents are perfect for strawberry towers – they’ll multiply and fill out, and you’ll get flowers, too.
  1. Rockery plants – Mimic the wild nooks and crannies of a rocky spot or stone wall – try sedums or saxifrage and use gravel for drainage.
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