Take Fuchsia Cuttings

Fuchsia Cuttings

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Snip away now to get more plants for free next year

A good way of propagating fuchsias at this time of year is by taking semi-ripe cuttings. It’s an easy way of creating new plants for free and you won’t need anything special to do it with, just a sharp knife, some pots and good compost. Follow the steps below and then place your trays or pots of cuttings in a greenhouse, making sure they’re warm and in a bright position. Keep compost damp but not overly moist, as too much water means fungal infections are more likely. Get rid of any wilted or clearly unhealthy cuttings as soon as possible to prevent infection spreading. If you’re taking cuttings a bit later in the year, into autumn, they may need some bottom heat in the form of heat mats. Summer cuttings taken now should be fine though. Give it a few weeks and you’ll be able to tell if your cuttings are working well. They’ll look healthy and green, not wilting, and as if they’re growing a little. This is a good sign that roots have formed well. Leave your new plants to harden off in an unheated greenhouse before potting them on in spring.

1.Pick a fresh, healthy-looking, non-flowering shoot from this year’s growth.

2.Remove all the lower leaves with a sharp knife, leaving just the top ones.

3.Trim just below a leaf node and cut top new leaf growth off, so there are two leaves left.

4.Dip in hormone powder and add to pots of good cuttings compost. Water well.

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