How to Make a Festive Wreath


by Garden News |

Decorate your front door with this fabulous and fresh Christmas Wreath. Follow our step-by-step guide to get you started, but don't forget you can choose the greenery you like best such as traditional fir, spruce or pine, shiny red berries of holly or hawthorn, scented bay or mistletoe as well as seasonal embellishments such as dried seed heads and rose hips.


Thuja twigs, Rose hips, Wire for base, Floristry wire, Pliers, Hot glue gun, Christmas balls, Ribbon, Floral tape, Scissors


  1. Cut the wire to the right size with pliers and make a simple frame bending the wire into a loop. Cover it with floral tape.
  1. Assemble small pieces of thuja and rose hips around your frame and wrap the floral wire tightly around the stems. Secure the wire under the frame and cut it.
  1. With a hot glue gun, stick the small Christmas balls on. Cut small pieces of ribbon, tie it into bows and stick them on to.
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