Bargain rockery plants will clump up prettily

Path Edges

by Natalie Simister |
Published on

The ideal border when it’s all planted up is usually a sort of tapering shape, right from the larger shrubs and perennials poking out at the back, cascading down to the front where smaller pathside plants reside. Sometimes we just plant where we can, trying to find something we like for the right place.

But with good planning and consideration of compact height and habit, you can create a lovely lowgrowing display that doesn’t bury the plants behind it, makes your garden seem bigger, softens the hard edges of your path and will creep and clump prettily at ankle level as you walk past. Some of the best plants for the job are rockery or alpine plants, so make your way to the alpine section of your garden centre now and get some good deals. Planted now they’ll establish well.

You could even make these pathedge areas a little more authentic and add pebbles, stones or smallish rocks to complete the look. Rockery plants usually like good sunshine and really well-drained soil, so fork over the soil and add a little grit to each planting hole. Spring’s a great time to enjoy making your little alpine pathside patchwork!

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