How to grow watercress

The best watercress grows now, and it’s so easy to get this tasty peppery crop on the go, so why not give it a try?

As its name suggests, it’s an aquatic plant species that thrives on being in water or, if grown in compost, being watered very frequently with its soil kept moist at all times.

It’s actually jam-packed with goodness, too, with vitamins K and A for bone and eye health high on the list.
It’s so prolific, and can be grown in all manner of containers – even just a glass of water!

Take a look at our top tips below on cultivation.

Grow it in a pond or bog

Fill a pot with garden soil and sow watercress seed on the surface, keeping it well-watered. When it has germinated, place the pot so the top of it is 5cm below the surface of your pond. It’ll self-seed easily, and may spread to other patches of damp ground.

Root watercress in a cup of water

Watercress trimmings or any packet from the supermarket will be enough to grow some more of it. Place the stem in a glass of water, removing lower leaves so they don’t rot underwater, and the roots will grow. Change the water regularly and pot into compost once grown, watering often.

Other plants that can be rooted in water

•    Mint
•    Rosemary
•    Basil
•    Euonymus
•    Geranium
•    Coleus

Step by step

1)    Using a large container, fill it to the top with good multi-purpose compost, and pat down evenly.
2)    Sprinkle the fine light brown seed evenly over the surface of the compost.
3)    Cover over with a thin layer of Vermiculite – seeds often prefer this than heavy compost.
4)    Put your pot into a deep tray and fill it with water, and keep it filled up at all times.