How to grow pumpkins

how to grow pumpkins

For a pumpkin-filled Halloween this year, full of your own home-grown fruit, it’s time to get sowing

It’s always funny to think of growing such an iconic October plant right now at the height of spring, but you have to start somewhere to get those monster crops!

In fact, why not join in with Thompson and Morgan’s National Pumpkin Sowing Day on April 12? This date has been set by the seed company to inspire people to grow their own whoppers at home, to try and beat last autumn’s weigh-in winner that reached over 2000 lbs!

As with all members of the pumpkin family, it’s slightly too early to sow them directly outside, but it’s prime time to sow them in little pots for keeping indoors, in good, moist seed compost, in a light spot of around 20 – 25C.

Sow the large seed on their sides about 2.5cm deep and cover over with more compost.

Place on a warm windowsill or in a simple propagator and wait for germination – you can then plant them out next month. 

pumpkin seeds.jpg

Have you got the space to grow them?

If you’re not fussed about growing to show and compete and want a small crop, try the variety ‘Wee B Little’, a brilliantly named tiny pumpkin for the smaller plot from

For real monsters to take up your whole allotment, go for ‘Dill’s Atlantic Giant’, a record-breaking variety.