How to build a raised bed

Get building now, before all your jobs mount up

With raised beds you’re artificially creating the ideal conditions for a number of plants, and making life easier for yourself – you can match the soil to the plant you grow, and keep it well-drained, warmer and full of organic matter so your plants thrive.

Do make sure though that your bed is not too well drained though.

Keep an eye on water levels during dry spells.

One great advantage is less kneeling and bending, and easier access to your lovely produce – fully raised table beds are fantastic for immobile gardeners.

Raised beds are also a neat way of sectioning off areas of your veg plot and being able to manoeuvre yourself more easily amongst your patch.

If you have limited border and bed space, and would like something quick and easy to set up, you can get raised veg beds that can be moved about the garden as you like.




What to plant in raised beds