‘I love this amazing garden because of its imperfections!’

Huw Richards is aged just 20 but already has almost 120,000 subscribers to his youtube gardening channel. While he’s very much a 21st century gardener, he is always drawn back to the traditional feel of the walled gardens at Llanerchaeron in his native Wales.

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Llanerchaeron was the first walled garden I ever visited!
We live about half an hour away and we used to go with my parents. I suppose I was too young to even remember the first time I went! But when I was a bit older I can remember my dad explaining how a walled garden can create a microclimate and extend the growing season. I just loved all of the old apple trees and the fruit and vegetables, and I fell in love with it.

It has so much character
Sometimes in gardening I think there’s a trend towards too many straight lines, too much perfection. I look at some of the Chelsea gardens, for example, and I think they look a bit artificial - they don’t have any personality. But Llanerchaeron has been the way it is today for 200 years - I love it because of its imperfections! I just think it’s an amazing place.

I think my favourite time to visit is early spring
Just when it’s coming to life. Everything starts that little bit sooner, because of its south-facing walls, so that’s when I think that my garden won’t be long in getting going itself. You know that when the apples are in blossom at Llanerchaeron then everyone else’s apples won’t be far behind!

It’s most famous for its apples and they are incredible
The way they have been shaped over the years is wonderful and they just add to the character of the place.

You really do feel at one with nature

There’s a lovely walk if you go through the garden and head down to the River Aeron. There is so much wild garlic along there and you just get hit by the scent. It’s incredible. We live up the valley from Llanerchaeron; there’s a stream that runs by my garden and eventually it runs into the Aeron, so whenever we’re there it’s as if the water in the river has come from ‘our stream’. 

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