A garden based on curves and circles

They’re designed to help this gorgeously colourful Essex patch transition effortlessly from area to area and room to room

Avril and Roger Cole-Jones’ top gardening tips

  • Always deadhead plants, including tulips and daffodils. In fact, deadhead everything, because if you kid a plant that it hasn’t set seeds it’ll carry on. This includes cosmos and even Californian poppies.

  • Try and live with rose diseases, as it’s too expensive to keep spraying with a fungicide. We strip off badly affected leaves – new leaves tend to come out clean.

  • When you’re buying plants in summer, pot them up, grow them on and then plant them out into the ground in autumn. You’ll find they will establish much better, especially in hot weather and in dry soils.

  • Mulching is very important, especially on dry soils. We compost everything we can to make our own mulch – but it’s never enough!

Avril and Roger Cole-Jones’ favourite plants